Tuesday, January 23, 2007


This area is focused on collecting original sources from Western Europe and the Americas between the late Middle Ages and early 1900s. It includes: Bibles, sermons, prayer books, liturgical works, medieval and Renaissance manuscripts and early books, hymnody, psalmody and other sacred music, texts of writers including original works and works by women, periodicals of publications and religious organizations, local and church history as well as church records, biographies and autobiographies, religious and political tracts and pamphlets, sheet music and collections of family papers. These areas are particularly strong in the history of the Christian church, the history of learning, education and libraries, humanism, missions, religious practices, religious non-conformity, anti-slavery and abolitionism, Roman, Spanish and Spanish American Inquisitions, religious publishing and censorship, manuscripts and early printing and Utopian communities.

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