Tuesday, January 23, 2007

map and history of cartography collections

This collection is made up of several individual collections including atlases and the Edward E. Ayer, Franco Novacco Map, Johan Gabriel Sack Map, Everett D. Graff, Chicago Region Map and Roger S. Baskes collections. It also includes county, railroad and road maps. Documents involving discovery and exploration of the Americas are found in the Ayer collection; including 2,000 maps, 500 atlases and more than 300 manuscript maps. The Novacco collection holds over 700 16th and 17th century Italian maps. 900 maps covering trans-Mississippi Western history can be found in the Graff collection. The Chicago Region Map collection holds more than 800 artifacts of Chicago as well as Dupage, Kane, Lake, McHenry, Will and Cook counties between the years of 1779-2003. Finally, the Roger S. Baskes collection holds more than 12,000 books and over 400,000 maps included in atlases, travel guides and geography materials.

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